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eBay feedbacks from satisfied customers...

Buyer denver_art_estates

I am a US Speedskater, and go thru lots of glasses. Got here fast and perfect
Buyer showtime310

Kevin has the best quality/price ratio on ebay! you won't be disapointed fast shipping
Buyer comfortquilts50

Buyer no1maizenblue

I can't say enough good things about these sunglasses! They are top quality, AAA
Buyer kolonious

Thank you for the wonderful sunglasses. You know they cost 45.00 each in stores.
Buyer kristylchen

One great deal! Sometimes, if it's too good to be true, IT CAN BE TRUE!
Buyer billy8j4qpx

Kevin, received glasses today. They are everything you said they were. Left positive feedback. I might know someone who would be interested in several boxes.  Thanks, David

Received package yesterday and everything is as your ebay description depicts.  Thanks. Donald Watts

Kevin, I really have to thank you. I'm making a killing off of selling these things individually. I made over $150 on the last box I bought from you. It's nice to have a little extra cash in your pocket, especially when summer is coming around. Again, I appreciate the awesome price and your fast shipping. - Erika 

Aloha Kevin King! I am pleased and amazed to report that our package of sunglasses has just arrived ~ Now that was really fast! The sunglasses are perfect and we will put them to good use ~ Thank you for the wonderful buy and excellent service! Wishing you and yours A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003
Judy and Charlie Pettersen

Hi Kevin, Just wanted to let you know sunglasses arrived today. These are real nice. I will be adding a sunglass page to my shopping site as soon as I can. Will also be selling at flea markets in the spring. I'll definately be in touch. I'll be leaving praises for the service and the glasses for you on ebay. Thanx much and have a great day. Leigh Settogo2

thanks for the fast delivery. the glasses seem to be better than the the ones i pay a whole lot more for. thanks again.
Richard Collins

Hi! Got the glasses today. My husband LOVES them!!!!!! We are interested in ordering another dozen---should I get them thru e-bay? Thanks!!!! Your service was very prompt and curteous! ---Woodchip

Kevin, I am an over the road salesman, and I tried a pair of these a friend gave me. theyre great everything you see through them is so well defined!
Thanks Tom

Loved the sunglasses. Would like to have 2 more boxes. Let me know how much and I will PayPal you. Kurt and are registered trademarks since 03/99